God has led us to take a bold step of faith as we purchase our first church home together. In early 2021, we will move to our new location at 1710 dublin blvd.


Over the next 6 months, this space will be transformed into a welcoming, attractive, and modern church space for us to grow into for years to come.


But we can't do this without your involvement. We're asking everyone to pray about beginning or increasing their regular giving for the next two years. Before we open the new building, we will have a special Sunday for you to indicate your commitment and help us plan for the future!


What is the next step for the project?

Our bank is asking us to raise an additional $700,000 over the next two years, above our operating expenses, to pay down the principal of our loan. Additionally, we know that reaching more people will require more expenses for ministry in this new facility. Our goal is to raise an additional $1 million over our operating expenses in the next 24 months. We want everyone to be a part of this incredible moment in the life of our church by giving financially. Please pray about beginning or increasing your recurring giving for the next 24 months to be a part of the mission God has given us. We will be asking everyone to indicate their financial commitment at the end of this year to help us plan for the future. If you’re ready to start giving now, you can set up your giving through redrockchurch.org/give.

When will we move in to 1710 Dublin?

The current goal is to open the facility to the public on Easter Sunday, April 4th 2021.

What will look different about our church in this new facility?

We will have more room to reach more people in every area! Our auditorium will grow from its current capacity of 325 people to being able to seat 750 people. Our kids ministry spaces will grow to accommodate even more kids. Our student ministry will plan on taking over the entire building on different nights of the week to reach tons of teenagers in Colorado Springs. We will be open to the public more throughout the week, as we intend to start a daycare/preschool and a coffee shop in our new facility. But the mission of our church will be the same. We will continue to exist to help people discover Jesus and follow him fearlessly!

Why were we looking for a new facility in the first place?

Our current lease for our facility expires was in April of 2021. The rent we currently pay is very expensive for what we’re getting. Additionally, we were running out of space at our prime-time services before COVID hit. It would cost us an estimated $500k to renovate our current rental facility to accommodate further growth. Instead of spending more money on a rental facility, we felt God leading us to explore new opportunities!

Why did we choose this facility?

When we first began looking, there was nothing on the market that was in our desired location, size, or price range. When 1710 Dublin Blvd came available to purchase in early April, we saw quickly that it fit all of those needs. It will give us the room we need to grow as we move into the future as well as provide opportunities to bring in other resources for the church (potential daycare, coffee shop, etc.). Additionally, this facility is still centrally located where the majority of our people are coming from across this city!

How did we get the down payment?

In July we presented the possibility to many of the families who have laid the foundation here at Peak City by serving and giving financially over the years, in an effort to see if this was something that was possible to accomplish together. We needed to raise an initial down payment as the first major step in this effort. Those families came together and generously gave $1.75 million to accomplish the first step of our initial down payment. Now is the time for everyone to join in and be a part of this project to help finish out the renovations, as well as provide all the resources that will be needed to do ministry in this new space. We believe more new people will be coming through the doors than ever before!

In the midst of a global pandemic, is this really a wise move? 

While COVID-19 has certainly been difficult for everyone, we believe that the mission of our church is more needed than ever. Colorado Springs is continuing to grow and we need more churches to keep up with the population growth. Peak City’s mission of focusing on people who don’t know Jesus yet is going to be even more needed in the years to come. While the timing wasn’t what we had envisioned, we felt God leading us to take this bold step of faith in the midst of uncertain times. And we’re excited that He is providing for our church through the generosity of so many people. The future is bright!