Our Mission

We exist to help people discover Jesus and follow Him fearlessly.

We are an inclusive family.

Whether you’re new to church or been around for a long time, we consider you family. Our church is an incredibly inclusive and loving family with a rich history, full of diverse backgrounds, and a deep love for Colorado Springs. Some of us have been following Jesus for years, and others are still exploring and considering faith. No matter where you are on your faith journey, you belong here.

We are raw.

We don't believe in pretending or putting on a religious show. Jesus has freed us from the pressure to perform, so we walk in vulnerability and transparency. We believe the world is a better place when we get honest about our struggles. And in Jesus, many of us have found hope and help.

We are passionate.

We believe there is nothing more important than living for Jesus, building his church, and sharing his hope with the world. Jesus proved that we worth it all when he died for us. So now, we live like he is worth it all. Anything worth doing, is worth doing passionately.

We are clear.

Jesus fiercely loves those who don't know him, so we make following him easy to understand. We don't use insider-lingo, and we try to explain faith in a way that everyone can follow and apply to their lives. In a world full of confusion and misinformation, clarity and simplicity are crucial in everything we do.

You belong here.